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07 Jan 2006

Bird flu moving east Death of youths in Turkey confirmed as being caused by the H5N1 bird flu. 8 Jan 2006

Listening to your phone wasn't enough DHS could be reading your mail. 06 Jan 2006


06 Jan 2006

Attack of the Cedar Trees President Bush jokes about being injured in combat with a cedar tree, while addressing soldiers wounded by bullets. Houston Chronicle, 1 Jan 2006

Bush Impeached? Rumblings for an impeachment proceeding, hope you can hold your breath until late 2006. 6 Jan 2006

Higher interest rates in the US? China considers reduction in US dollars in reserves. Taipei Times 7 Jan 2006

I feel better! Ariel Sharons condition updated from "dead" to "not quite"

Last updated 06 Jan 2006